Making my own Character Sheet

Simple way I improve my personality

During the day, I work for Personality Hacker as an event facilitator for the Life Path program. It helps anyone going through a major change, such as mid-life or career change, process their personality and help it improve along with their progress through life, or lack thereof.

We use Carl Jung’s work on the shadow and go through weekly exercises to bring awareness, action and change to parts of our selves we want to improve. Did you know today is his birthday?

One of those parts of me is the cognitive function of introverted thinking. This is the part of us that is un-biased, rational and logical. For me, I spend a ton of time processing the human part of life, especially experience and emotion. I tend to gravitate towards assessing and meeting needs around me and developing ways to ensure everyone gets a piece of the pie.

You can totally see this in the way I run tabletop role playing games. Developing my personality has only helped me run better games. The main reason is that when everyone is gone and I’m alone, I will tweak the numbers in the game system I am running to optimize it to perfection.

Some people do crossword puzzles, or sudoku. I design games and roll dice. It is simple math, of course, because for me, it is not about being the best in the room. For my personality as an ENFJ, it is about relaxing and and giving my strengths a break from all their work throughout the day. The alternative is me getting super grumpy and vindictive towards those that I serve on a daily basis.

I’m running the life path program now – visit Personality Hacker

In the meantime, here is the result of my little optimizations to the games I run. Feel free to download for your games if you wish!

And as always, may your story continue!

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