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Recipe for Adventure Design

Homebrew Adventure for busy gamemasters and homeschool parents   Time is a commodity and I hope to show you a simple adventure design to inspire you to prepare less for your tabletop roleplaying games. If you are a busy gamemaster, … Continue reading Recipe for Adventure Design

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Homeschool like a Dungeon Master, Share a Story and Find your Values

Back in the 80s, my family homeschooled. I remember the days of workbooks, reading assignments, playing outside and household chores. During 2020, everyone in the USA experienced a sort of homeschooling. This landed most everyone staying at home with their … Continue reading Homeschool like a Dungeon Master, Share a Story and Find your Values

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Life lessons from playing Dungeons and Dragons

[Or more about how we are story formed] Maybe you have seen the 20 sided dice show up in pop culture lately, or heard the name of the world’s best role playing game. I don’t know about you, but most … Continue reading Life lessons from playing Dungeons and Dragons

Trust and our Imaginations

click here for the original link on Subtack! There are few events in life in which trust is foundational to participate. Grief and Play are two of those times in which trust is necessary. They both ask us to abandon reason and logic, to express emotion and to submit yourself to relationships. Trust is a powerful force. Listen to the Audio below! But how does trust link to grief and play? Through Imagination. Listen below and subscribe to my substack! May your story continue! Continue reading Trust and our Imaginations

You have a New Player at the Table!

How to be a good Host as a Dungeon Master A Story to Begin Getting folks together week after week is the reason I keep playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I have this habit of meeting new people and inviting them to my house or online meeting hub for a friendly game and evening of storytelling. Integrating a new person at the table can present some challenges to the current flow of the game, especially if everyone has been playing together for a while. I present to you a few ways you can welcome a new player with ease without … Continue reading You have a New Player at the Table!

RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming

In this early morning chat, my friend Johnn and I chat about game mastering. Highlights of the Discussion 1:00 Slippery Slopes and Hard Choices 4:00 Why is Rolling Dice Fun? 7:00 Relationship between Food and Gaming 21:00 RPG as an Art form – do we replicate reality or abstraction? 29:00 RPGs and Teamwork and Understanding People 31:00 When your players are smarter than you 41:00 Stacking between the System, Setting and Story 47:00 The power of asking players “what are your intentions?” I hope that if you are a game master, you have enjoyed this chat between two friends. Comment … Continue reading RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming