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The Bookish and the Brave – 10 – The Weight of Authority Sojourners Awake

Welcome to Season 6 of Sojourners Awake! Von – Level 3 Monk Way of the Kensai Sterling – Level 2 Druid Circle of the Stars Hawkins – Level 2 Fighter Battle Master We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with an emphasis on storytelling using the three pillars of exploration, interaction and combat. I hope you enjoy our narrative style that allows diving into the player's thoughts as well as the background music and ambiance from TableTop Audio. Visit Sojourners Awake for more Dungeon Master Tips on how to tell stories around your table. May your story continue!
  1. The Bookish and the Brave – 10 – The Weight of Authority
  2. The Rime of the Frostmaiden – 14 – The Moose Attacks!
  3. The Rime of the Frostmaiden – 13 – Hunting the White Moose
  4. The Bookish and the Brave – 9 – Dangerous Information
  5. The Fairy and the Free – 3 – To the House of Healing
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has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2017. As a hospice nurse, musician and youth pastor, he has always enjoyed listening to people’s life stories. By using D&D 5th edition, he plays in such a way that draws out the creative forces from each of his players. And so, our story continues!