The first pillar of my tabletop role playing games – Exploration

Introduction When I first started reading the Dungeon Masters Guide by Wizards of the Coast in 2018, I pressed a finger on the glossy pages around the three pillars. “Pillars, eh? This seems important.” I structured my gameplay around these pillars, aiming to achieve the perfect balance between the three – exploration, social interaction andContinue reading “The first pillar of my tabletop role playing games – Exploration”

News for 2023

Sojourners, Awake! is a production of creative storytellers. We produce an audio drama storytelling podcast, run classes and game master lessons, and tabletop retreats. I have a vision to move Sojourners, Awake to tell our story. This mean working (and playing) with others to nourish our creativity. And everyone is, by the way, in their ownContinue reading “News for 2023”

Helping Children stay Focused during Games

Most of the hard work I put into storytelling and gaming goes towards my live games with children. When running a game with 10 kids at the local game store, I had to work extra hard to keep their attention. Let me tell you, the method I used really worked and I think you canContinue reading “Helping Children stay Focused during Games”

Moments like these slow you Down

I love playing Dungeons and Dragons. More so, I love teaching children about the world we live in through fantasy worldbuilding and storytelling. There are minutes in life that pass us by while we work and play. And then, there are moments in which time slows down. As if God was tapping us on theContinue reading “Moments like these slow you Down”

Interview Time!

Interviews are the best way to eavesdrop on two friends talking! I kid, but I think this is why we like listening so much, because it feels good to hear people enjoying each other’s company. This interview covers homeschooling, dungeons and dragons, being a father and raising children. I’m sure you will enjoy it asContinue reading “Interview Time!”