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Recipe for Adventure Design

Homebrew Adventure for busy gamemasters and homeschool parents   Time is a commodity and I hope to show you a simple adventure design to inspire you to prepare less for your tabletop roleplaying games. If you are a busy gamemaster, … Continue reading Recipe for Adventure Design

You have a New Player at the Table!

How to be a good Host as a Dungeon Master A Story to Begin Getting folks together week after week is the reason I keep playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I have this habit of meeting new people and inviting them to my house or online meeting hub for a friendly game and evening of storytelling. Integrating a new person at the table can present some challenges to the current flow of the game, especially if everyone has been playing together for a while. I present to you a few ways you can welcome a new player with ease without … Continue reading You have a New Player at the Table!

Visual Game Session Preparation

While there are many ways to prepare your tabletop roleplaying games as a dungeon master, I have found that after writing 4 pages of storyline, I would get bogged down with a forest of information during the game. I decided to give myself limits by keeping everything on one sheet and discovered that if I used more visual models, I could reference the material quickly and trigger my mind into action. Here are the opening steps for a seamless session while playing Dungeons and Dragons. First, read the introduction to describe the setting. This sets the stage for the players … Continue reading Visual Game Session Preparation