Getting Unstuck as a Game Master

A common problem between the screen and the game I had to call a tow truck the other day. My car was stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere. It is frustrating to feel helpless, but I’m grateful for the 24/7 … Continue reading Getting Unstuck as a Game Master

Dungeon Masters and Burnout

Creativity in our life can become stifled for many reasons. I do believe that sometimes professional collaboration is exactly what you need. If you are a dungeon master who feels like your adventure campaign is going nowhere, then please contact me for my Dungeon Master Guidance Course. I provide one to one guidance and opportunities for inspiration on how you manage time and energy at your table. Before you burn out, get in touch with me! May your story continue! Check out my Products page! Continue reading Dungeon Masters and Burnout

Holding Space

Mostly what I’m learning about now is how to care for others. I’ve played a hospice nurse, youth pastor, space holder, daddy, and husband.But one thing I notice I can never do for myself is be there for me. I have been moving so fast through life between working, late night call outs to provide care for patients, leading ministries at churches, balancing a family and work and more often than not, dropping everything and refusing to admit that I’m: Burnt out Brain Fog Losing sleep Running in the circus ring with a lion, and if I slow down, he will consume me … Continue reading Holding Space