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When I started Sojourners Awake, I decided upon the name “sojourners” because of the old Latin word diurnum meaning under the day, or the old French word sojourn meaning a temporary visit.

It’s a great theme, for I can think of no better way to describe table top roleplaying games as “spending a day under the sun with another.” In truth, it’s not about the games, but the people we spend them with and indeed, life consists of many steps we take with many directions, but isn’t life truly about the ones who spend the journey underneath the sun with us during this temporary visit?

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The Wild and the Wind – 4 – Bertie's Dream Sojourners Awake!

Welcome Sojourners to Season 8! The Wild and the Wind Follow Bertie Cartwright, Samoon and Eris as they travel the world of Bonzarel! Enjoy our 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Storytelling Podcast. Sojourners, Awake! Support the Podcast! TableTopAudio has excellent background music and ambience for your games.
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  3. Sojourner Spotlight – Summer Update from Jonathan
  4. The Wild and the Wind – 3 – The Real Bodyguard
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