Tabletop Artist Challenge


**Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Tabletop Writer and Artist Challenge**

Ready for a transformative journey in articulation, imagination, and collaboration? Join the Tabletop Writer and Artist Challenge, a 14-week adventure where we merge Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way with guided Tabletop Role Playing Games, hosted by our skilled Game Master, Jonathan.

### What’s In Store for You:

**1. Imagination Unleashed:** Develop the power of imagination as you embark on epic Tabletop RPG adventures, crafting vivid worlds, characters, and stories.

**2. Artful Articulation:** Hone your skills in precise and eloquent expression, whether you’re a writer, speaker, or anyone seeking to communicate effectively.

**3. Collaborative Mastery:** Learn the art of seamless collaboration, a crucial skill in both creative and business realms, as you join a supportive creative community.

### Your Toolkit Includes:

– Guided Tabletop RPG Campaigns
– Artist’s Way Workshops
– Interactive Online Sessions
– Community Support

**Ignite Your Inner Artist**

Awaken your innate creativity and discover a renewed passion for art. Your creative power is waiting to flourish.

**Join the Tabletop Writer’s Challenge and craft your story anew!**




Take the Tabletop Artist Challenge

Welcome Sojourners!

I’m Jonathan, with Sojourners Awake.

Some time or another, we all encounter a dark chapter on our life’s journey. In these moments, our creative essence fades like a flickering torch within a cavern. Without the light of our creative spirit, progress disappears and we are left in wandering silence.

Embark with me on the Tabletop Artist’s Challenge, a 13-week journey crafted to reignite your creative flame! If you seek a glimmer of hope, follow my guidance to rediscover your creative essence. Once rekindled, this flame shall forever illuminate your path, wherever your travels may lead.

This expedition entails discovering the power of reflective journaling, confident participation in groups, envisioning possibilities, and reveling in the joy of learning all through tabletop role playing games. For anyone desiring more creativity in their professional, academic, or personal spheres, sign up today! Because your creative spirit is the vital ingredient— and I am here to help with its revival.

Take the leap and embark on this 13-week journey with us. 

And so for now, our story continues

Thursday Nights, March 14 – June 6th, 2024 6pm – 8pm CST

What Is This All About?

Join other artists in a unique experience of walking through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way while playing a 13 week campaign of tabletop role playing guided by Jonathan, the game master.

What’s Included

Guided Tabletop RPG Campaigns: Engage in thrilling RPG adventures, carefully crafted to challenge your creativity, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities. Our experienced Game Masters will lead you through epic quests while helping you develop your storytelling prowess.

Artist’s Way Workshops: Dive into Julia Cameron’s renowned Artist’s Way program, designed to awaken your inner artist and nurture your creative spirit. Explore morning pages, artist dates, and discover the joy of self-expression in a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Interactive Online Sessions: Join live online sessions to discuss your progress, share insights, and collaborate with fellow participants. Our experienced coaches will guide you through your creative journey and offer personalized feedback.

Community Support: Connect with a community of writers, artists, and imaginative individuals who share your passion for creativity and storytelling. Engage in discussions, share your work, and find inspiration from your peers.

Lifetime Access to Teaching Videos: At your own pace, browse and enjoy the teaching videos that guide you through the creative process. Keep track of your journals and progress throughout the games with the ability to return at any time for your own reference.

Join us for Tabletop Artist Challenge!


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