Rune Master Pathway


This is an Index Card RPG compatible character class featuring the writing and art of 3 of our students! Purchase today to support the work of Sojourners Awake and as always, may your story continue!

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If you are a fan of tabletop role playing characters with clever magic talents – check out the Rune Master! This pathway is compatible with Index Card RPG and has been produced by the students of the Sojourners Awake! game master course – featuring the art of one of our players!

Add this product to your tabletop role playing experience today!

On the ground Avara traced her finger. Lines and patterns, she drew into the earth while the demon boasted its strength. Everyone assembled to battle. Throughout the chaos, she remained calm and finished the runes. As she spoke the magic words, suddenly, the demon’s eyes went dark with blindness. The rune master smiled and nodded to the captain who let loose a single arrow into the unsuspecting demon’s flesh.

RUNEMASTER >>  A mage channeling geometric magic

A runemaster casts magic by drawing geometric symbols into the world. The runemaster carries one special rune etched onto a material object that allows for ongoing abilities and milestones. In addition to their special rune, they either have a book, gem or weapon that allows them to cast spells like a magic user.


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