Dungeon Master Guidance


As a registered nurse, I have provided life coaching for hospice patients and families. I am a certified personality profiler and love playing roleplaying games. If you are a dungeon master experiencing challenges at your table, allow me to provide listening, guidance and restoration to get you back on track with love. Life happens outside of the game and as a dungeon master and player coach, I will help you process difficult challenges.

  • Difficult player dynamics
  • Roleplaying triggers and trauma
  • Campaign boredom
  • Difficulty preparing sessions
  • Writer’s Block

Contact me today for a free 15 consultation over zoom audio/video. We can then determine how I can help! All sessions are recorded and confidential.

May your story continue!


As a registered nurse and hospice worker, I have had 12 years of understanding healing and nourishment. Even dungeon masters can experience burnout and sometimes, even injury. Life happens! If you feel your games have come to a painful stop, pay attention. I can provide active listening, and guidance on how you can achieve healing.

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