Homeschooling with Dungeons & Dragons

Homeschoolers can use D&D in their everyday play and learning!

If you have ever wondered about playing Dungeons and Dragons, read this article. It talks about how to supplement your current program with table top roleplaying games.

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Recipe for Adventure Design

Homebrew Adventure for busy gamemasters and homeschool parents   Time is a commodity and I hope to show you a simple adventure design to inspire you to prepare less for your tabletop roleplaying games. If you are a busy gamemaster, or a homeschool parent want to write up an adventure for your children, then enjoy … Continue reading Recipe for Adventure Design

Getting Unstuck as a Game Master

A common problem between the screen and the game I had to call a tow truck the other day. My car was stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere. It is frustrating to feel helpless, but I’m grateful for the 24/7 service that we have. Also, yesterday, I had a serious case of mental block. I … Continue reading Getting Unstuck as a Game Master

Trust and our Imaginations

click here for the original link on Subtack! There are few events in life in which trust is foundational to participate. Grief and Play are two of those times in which trust is necessary. They both ask us to abandon reason and logic, to express emotion and to submit yourself to relationships. Trust is a … Continue reading Trust and our Imaginations

Study is Only One Part of Life – by Sojourners Awake!

Listen now (40 min) | Sojourners Awake Podcast Episode Analysis — Read on Continue reading Study is Only One Part of Life – by Sojourners Awake!


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