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How to Run Tomb of Annhilation for Children

How to Run Tomb of Annihilation Dungeons and Dragons Adventure for Children Introduction Tomb of Annihilation is so difficult, quite often in the adventure, the text suggests on how to include new characters in the most likely case that one or more characters die. This is especially true in the end adventure, within Acerak’s tomb. […]

Connect the Dots

The single best piece of advice I can give to you as a game master: Connect the Dots From the player’s actions to the story line, Connect the Dots When they make a decision, how that will connect to the larger story? When they turn left, how will that affect the overall picture? When they […]

The Theme for the Game is…Why themes deepen the meaning of your roleplaying games

A theme is a literary tool used to convey to the reader the deeper meaning of the story beyond just the story told. In classical music, the musicians play the theme as a memorable piece right at the beginning of the song in order to establish the overall idea of the piece of music. In […]

How to defeat deceit


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