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We play Dungeons and Dragons. A lot. So much that I decided to record our sessions, edit them for quality content and lace with background music from TableTop Audio. You

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RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming

In this early morning chat, my friend Johnn and I chat about game mastering. Highlights of the Discussion 1:00 Slippery Slopes and Hard Choices 4:00 Why is Rolling Dice Fun?

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Happy New Year from Jonathan

Welcome Sojourners! Enjoy this end of the year update! I have a few things in production and in planning. As a gamemaster and dad, I always have my kid’s campaign

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Tabletop Roleplaying Summer Events

Original article post here right here: ttrpg adventure summer is here! Now it is it time to show how tabletop role playing games like dnd and Index Card RPG

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TTRPG Summer Events

Register Today! Join us for a summer of learning tabletop role playing games and see how they promote social interaction, teamwork, critical thinking skills and learning to make your own

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