Don’t quit!

When life keeps you stuck in a rut, when you can’t move forward, when you’re cramped in the inferior, when time and space get you down, do what you do best: Make it authentic Make it harmonious  Make it effective Make it logical Shift your perspective Redefine your memories  Be sensational Keep exploring

Friends let friends be themselves

I would have to say that today I’m thankful for the friends in my life who give me space to be myself. I notice that the things I’m the most insecure about in myself particularly my ability to get things done on time, is where I need someone to hold space and give grace. BeingContinue reading “Friends let friends be themselves”

Process and the Outcome

I have been making honey mead, the ancient honey wine, referenced in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein; “They sat long at the table with their wooden drinking-bowls filled with mead. The dark night came on outside.  ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ At last Gandalf pushed away his plate and jug – he had eaten two whole loaves (withContinue reading “Process and the Outcome”

Growing up

As I sit with my daughter in the coffe shop, I’m listening to all of the people sitting and reading, walking in and out with their drinks, working behind the counter and thinking “what are they letting go of today?” “Do they remember the time their mommy and daddy dropped them off on an adventure?”Continue reading “Growing up”

Mission thoughts on food

God has been saying something to me for a while regarding food, drink and thankfulness.    I have not studied the feasts at all, but I get the impression God ordered a lot of meals, I know there will be a wedding feast in heaven, the first sin was oriented around what we ate, Jesus’ firstContinue reading “Mission thoughts on food”