In the name of obscurity this week, I’m sharing a few thoughts and quotes I have about this topic.  “If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to disappear for a while” “Two things comfort me; knowing that I matter, and knowing that I am completely insignificant and disposable to the world” “Welcome small beginnings, for even God arrived as a baby” “A seed begins in darkness where no one sees and no one knows. Yet it is the beginning of life and without this necessary and obscure time, apparent growth and glory would not be attained.” … Continue reading Obscurity 

Thank you

One of the predictable patterns my family practices is to have thankful time at dinner. This gives each of us a chance to express something we are thankful for today.   Having three small ones around the table usually means: 1. I forgot to clean and sweep the remains of yesterday’s meal off the table and floor 2. Someone has already pushed another out of their chair. Because yes, you can own a uniform dining room chair.  3. I am grumpy-tired and have already had to apologize for griping.  It seems like pausing to tell someone thank you would be … Continue reading Thank you

 Talking with a patient 

I sat down with a patient of mine. This particular man has Parkinson’s disease. I was needing some help with motivating myself to get my day done so I asked him, “what’s the most challenging part of motivating yourself?” He sat there, broken body and shining pair of blue eyes behind his poorly fitting glasses. “The hardest part about motivating yourself is loss of mobility. It takes you longer to get things done so people end up doing them for you. Well, then there is also the speech difficulty, where you can’t get your words out right and of course … Continue reading  Talking with a patient 

Stands with a Fist

Welcome to my first guest blogger, my wife Ellen. Enjoy her thoughts! I may not be the best writer but I want to be an honest writer specially when conveying my thoughts on a particular topic that is dear to my heart. My hope is that this is a testament to how marriage can work even when things are stacked against you. When my husband and I started dating, we dated for merely two weeks and then decided to get married and then was engaged for six months and then married. After we were married for a couple of years, … Continue reading Stands with a Fist

Going in circles?

Reminder for this week, life can seem off balance if you are. Email me at jonathan.hardin.82@gmail.com for a educational session on how your mind works. 45 minute phone call with me and I can show you how to use your minds best tools at learning information and making decisions. It’s good for understanding yourself and how you relate to the world around you.  You will be satisfied when you learn something about yourself. Have a good day! Continue reading Going in circles?

Murky waters

I hope you have had the experience of fishing for Crayfish, also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, or mudbugs. If not, then know that it’s a wonderful experience, especially with little ones rooting for you to fight away the pinchers and collect the prize. The hunt all started with my family stream walking, dipping our feet in a cool riverbed in the middle of summer. It wasn’t long before I sensed some curious pinches grasping for my toes. Soon, all of the kids were gathered around the shore to spot the little monster lobsters darting around underneath the glassy … Continue reading Murky waters

Why you need a Mr. Rogers in your life. 

Have you heard of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood? Was he your neighbor? Do you remember him, his zip up and zip down sweater routine, the way he crossed one leg over the other as he politely removed his shoes? Do you remember the way he uttered, “feed the fish” and then I knew as a child, exactly how much fish food to pinch because I saw him do it.  Do you remember him telling you that thunderstorms gave you no reason to be afraid? I remember trusting his word because he never gave me a reason to doubt him. He said what … Continue reading Why you need a Mr. Rogers in your life. 


Photo cred: Calie Garret Lately I have been thinking a lot about seasons and their purpose. When we talk about seasons, we refer to the leaves blooming flowers, changing color, and falling off, leaving their home to rest into the dirt beneath.  Really, it’s the cycle that we are taking about. There are a lot of effective ways to communicate life using circles. One of my favorite is the circle of continuous breakthrough referenced in Mike Breen’s book Choosing to Learn from Life  What I like about this model is that we can learn from our moments, in almost a post game … Continue reading Seasons

Motivational Wednesday 

Check out Zach Anner! I watched the video (see below) with my 3 kids, 6 5 & 2 years old.  Some of the comments they made,  “Wow, he talks a lot” (the video is spliced “vine style”.  “Why can’t he stand?” (he has muscular dystrophy) “I can do that on the monkey bars!“(Zach performed pull ups in the video) Of course, immediately after this I set up my pull up bar and my son goes to work on his pull ups.  What I notice in watching this video with my kids is that they are not afraid to ask awkward … Continue reading Motivational Wednesday