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ttrpg adventure summer is here!

Now it is it time to show how tabletop role playing games like dnd and Index Card RPG are able to boost your creative brain power even while having fun!

Did you know that while playing, your brain relaxes? This is really important because lately our brains have been stressed with data information, news and projects. You might have something undone in your life and just can’t fix it now. As soon as you sit at the table, pencil and paper in hand, gathered with a few friends… your brain powers down for some much needed rest. And then your creative brain boots up ready to engage and give your big brain a break from all the worry.

Time to roll dice and learn how fantasy games actually help with real life experiences.

Some of our students report

  • Increased articulation in speech
  • Better communication in relationships
  • Confidence
  • A new interest in creative writing
  • One kid said “I can’t wait to play again!”
  • One guy said “it’s not therapy but it sure is therapeutic.”
  • Another lady said “my kid actually does better in school now.”

Playing TTRPGs is supposed to be fun but doesn’t it help that you better yourself along the way? We think so.



find out why we love Index Card RPG

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