The Value of Retreat

Welcome Sojourners!

This weekend, we completed our 2nd ever youth tabletop role playing retreat. During pick up time, one of the parents asked me, “do you do this for adults too?”
I think she’s onto something.


Our time together was full of activity, but not work or study. Every activity was designed to slow down the mind and spirit and draw everyone into a space of rest.
In the morning, we allowed everyone to wake at a natural time. Breakfast was continental style and easy to clean up. Every morning, we had a brief walk and one morning, we paused to view a massive tree that fell down during a windstorm last night!


Our theme was “ruin to repair”. I had a lot of fun writing Stillwater Swamp, a fun adventure setting and honestly, a great story. Three tables were running a game simultaneously and it was so much fun to see how the story unfolded due to each table’s different decisions. It reminds us that although we must start at one point, our choices can lead us to wide horizons.


Bear River Ranch graciously hosted our event. The owner, Lori Martin, runs a science and animal camp that focuses on enrichment. I asked her, with over 30 years experience, “what is the most enrichment you can give a child?”
Without missing a beat, she said, “Another child.”
We had MANY goals to accomplish this retreat, from good food, great games and a wonderful campfire ceremony, but one goal we always leave up to the dice is making friends. We can’t guarantee the kids will enjoy each other’s company, but let me tell you – it happens. The students effortlessly demonstrated that in order to restock on your energy in life, you really only need games and a few friends.

To everyone who joined our table, and who designed this wonderful weekend, I thank you. Every story comes to an end, so for now, we must conclude, but we look forward to continuing this adventure
And as always,

May your story continue!

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