Stillwater Swamp – an Adventure for the Youth Leadership Tabletop Retreat

Join us this spring as we dive into adventure! A weekend full of dice rolling and imagination await our young leaders as we play tabletop role playing games in Stillwater Swamp.

In the kingdom of Tethryna, Stillwater Swamp lies on the Lazy River between the port town of Saltana and the upriver town of Thornish. The swamplands were once wild and free, home to many peaceful folk who lived in harmony with the natural ecosystem. But when Mulgrin, the black dragon ravaged the region, he placed the land in a grip of economic hardship and desolated the marshlands before slumbering in his lair. Since then, Mulgrin attracted many other foul beings into Stillwater Swamp..

A few years ago, a young woman named Anastasia and her adventuring party released a vile demon master named Casius from his prison deep within the abyss. Now they hide out in the swamp, gathering followers until he may claim lordship over a new domain.

Meanwhile, good hearted folk such as the Hin people long ago emancipated themselves from the kingdom and moved to Stillwater. This is their forever home and they will not leave even if a dragon slumbers over them. They will not leave even if a demon rises to be their master.

Your sojourners arrive in Stillwater for one reason or another or maybe, this is their home. In this growing darkness, know that even Mulgrin, the Fearson, may worry for his next breath.

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