ICRPG One Shot Characters

Hello Sojourners!

You have been assigned one of the following characters. Everyone lives in the swamp town of Stillwater, or nearby in the wilds (see character story). Enjoy!

Simple Rules

One your TURN, you can

  • take ACTION
  • move NEAR + ACTION
  • move FAR


From any target, you are either CLOSE (within touch), NEAR (requires 1 move), FAR (requires 2 moves) or OUT of REACH (unable to be affected).

3 Actions

When task are simple, you do not need to roll. Simply describe how you do it.

When the task is challenging, you must Roll D20 + STAT to meet or beat the TARGET number.

When the task is challenging and requires levels of effort, you must succeed on CHECK and ROLL for EFFORT. When there is much difficulty.


  • the GM determines the TARGET, PLAYERS can make Actions to lower or raise the TARGET
  • EASY = -3
  • HARD = +3


  • Basic 1D4
  • Weapons and Tools 1D6
  • Gun 1D8
  • Magic 1D10
  • Ultimate 1D12
  • Hearts = 10 points effort
  • Spellcasters get 10 Spell Points that recharged after REST

The Drowned Bride Adventure

Welcome to Stillwater! In this backwater town, nothing ever happens and life continues on. But lately, the local Bwwrak tribe of frog folk have been crossing the borders and edging up to the town. Even worse, some folks report attacks.

Highly unusual and suspicious, this behavior has everyone on edge and wondering what to do. Tensions are high in the local drink.

And so for now, our story continues!

Thank you to INDEX CARD RPG and Sean Dees for creating such a great product.

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