Dear Reader

I always wanted to be a writer. I knew this to be true, because even as a kid, I found pride in writing well and communicating to my audience.

I thank you so much for reading. All of these years, whether you started following me back in first time I published Life Lessons from D&D until now.

To improve my writing, I started a substack to write to a faith based audience regarding lessons we learn from TTRPGs as well as keeping my local audience up to date on my live events.

And now, I am writing up the script to an audio drama! This will feature a professional cast of voice actors, class act editing team and narrated by yours truly. In the end, I want to take the production to a whole new level on collaborations – like a D&D party of creatives taking on the evils of consumerism and boredom in the entertainment industry.

What a tall order!

Hello from Jonathan

I wrote a little Adventure Design to help pay the bills. If you would like, toss a few coppers to me and go to Drive Thru RPG and search Sojourners Awake! I plan to post there more often, so stay tuned.

I see your subscriptions, likes, and views. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by and as always, may your story continue!

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