News for 2023

Sojourners, Awake! is a production of creative storytellers. We produce an audio drama storytelling podcast, run classes and game master lessons, and tabletop retreats.

Art by Dean Spencer

I have a vision to move Sojourners, Awake to tell our story. This mean working (and playing) with others to nourish our creativity. And everyone is, by the way, in their own way and often with inspiring amounts of effect on the rest of us in the audience.

We are currently working on developing a 2nd Spring Retreat and a fully produced audio drama with a professional cast set in the world of Bonzarel.

And as always, may your story continue!


Published by Sojourners Awake!

Using analog tools of pencil, paper and dice and our highest technology - the collective imagination, we teach world building and story telling through tabletop role playing games.

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