Worldbuilding Recipes

Sojourners, Awake!

Wonderful Places

Wonderful Places possess the ability for an adventure to expand out of this place. Think of the recipe as an adventure within an adventure in which the players can continuously explore.


  • A Memorable Name
  • Location in the World
  • Purpose
  • Notable People
  • Rumors
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunities
  • Secrets


Name: Mama Leina’s Sweet Meats

Keep the name easy to remember if you want the place to be remembered.

Location: Located within the lower city of Bochen, in the Southern Territories. This stand alone shop is found on Fiscken Way between the Harpie’s Call and Church of Hope.

Places are usually found within 3 bigger places. Continue to build out from one location.

Purpose: This roadside barbecue stand provides fresh off the grill meats of all kinds. Folks stop her for a quick eat or walk over from across the road from the Taverns Call. Once a week, Mama Leina smokes the latest cuts and sells larger portions.

This quick blurb helps you remember why this place functions and will make for dynamic gameplay.

Notable People: Mama Leina, a human woman, has lived in Bochen all of her life. As a widow, she runs the shop with her daughter Sallyanna and her son Phile.

These people will be center stage when the players interact with the place.

Rumors: Feral cats linger around the shop. Some joke the sweet meat special involves feline depopulation.

Make sure to deliver the rumor before the players invest too much time into the place.

Knowledge: Mama Leina’s shop is 88 years old, and began as one of the first shops in Bochen to feed the builders during city construction. Sweet Meats can be purchased cheaply.

Grant the knowledge to players so they can make informed decisions about the place.

Opportunities: Phile, her son, has been drafted into the Sons of War and his company is low on provisions. She wants someone to break through the fighting lines and supply the company with rations.

Here is the moment of decision in which the players will determine how much they will invest into this place.

Secret: Asking for the purple blood special will grant a character a purple coin from Mama Leina. The purple coin can be used to gain an appointment with the Purple Shaman down the road. The purple coin can be seen hanging from a hidden necklace under her blouse. It must be returned to her once the appointment convenes.

Secrets make the places more memorable and can provide more opportunities, people and other places to explore!

As you can see, mix and match your ingredients to create your own recipes for wonderful locations!

May your Story Continue!

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