Building the Young Ones


I am Jonathan and welcome to Sojourners, Awake. I build young men and women into leaders and storytellers.

Sojourn – travel a day together under the sun

Two things that children have always done well are Fun and Faith. No matter how old we become, I believe that there is still room and time to access that eternal child and grow in your fun and your faith.

By teaching tabletop roleplaying games, I build up young men and women into storytellers of their values all the while, making their own home made entertainment.


Listen to my podcast and subscribe to my newsletter. If you are in the area, meet me at our friendly local game store. There you can join my class or register for a gaming retreat.

However you choose to sojourn with us, as always, may your story continue!

Published by Sojourners Awake!

Using analog tools of pencil, paper and dice and our highest technology - the collective imagination, we teach world building and story telling through tabletop role playing games.

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