RPGs and Philosophy of Gaming

In this early morning chat, my friend Johnn and I chat about game mastering.

Highlights of the Discussion

  • 1:00 Slippery Slopes and Hard Choices
  • 4:00 Why is Rolling Dice Fun?
  • 7:00 Relationship between Food and Gaming
  • 21:00 RPG as an Art form – do we replicate reality or abstraction?
  • 29:00 RPGs and Teamwork and Understanding People
  • 31:00 When your players are smarter than you
  • 41:00 Stacking between the System, Setting and Story
  • 47:00 The power of asking players “what are your intentions?”

I hope that if you are a game master, you have enjoyed this chat between two friends. Comment on your favorite insight you received and make sure to add your own!

Visit Game Master Johnn Four from Roleplaying Tips

Johnn is the creator of the Five Room Dungeon Model and author of Demonplauge.

Watch the video on YouTube (video quality is poor).

May your Story Continue!

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