Happy New Year from Jonathan

Welcome Sojourners!

Enjoy this end of the year update! I have a few things in production and in planning.

As a gamemaster and dad, I always have my kid’s campaign running. While the games are not produced, I still like to post blogs and articles on realization I make while playing D&D with my children. This is something that binds us together and we enjoy as a family.

Sojourners Awake also produces a storytelling podcast Anchor and Spotify host the podcast as well as Apple. We cruised past 3000 listens this year, for a record breaking 503 listens in a month. The podcast hosts 14 hours of gaming a month, 9 volunteers of gamemasters and players and 3 series. We also have 3 series archived for binging. Subscribe and leave a rating today to support the podcast!

I’m very excited about this! You can now Follow me at Gumroad where I post products for game masters! If you are interested in investing in your role as a gamemaster, you can purchase pdfs, videos and audio content to improve your storytelling. This is a great way to support Sojourners Awake and partner with me on what kind of content to create in the future.

I write for Roleplaying Tips! I love producing articles and have a few featured in their newsletter. Johnn Four created the Five Room Dungeon Model and let me tell you, this revolutionized my gaming preparation.

I love supporting other creators that help game masters. Tabletop Audio has been a constant source of inspiration for my games, and provides the background music and ambiance heard in the podcast. If you want to support them, visit the site, or become a patreon supporter. You can also support with one-time donations via paypal.

Speaking of creators, Halfling Hobbies is the go – to resource for your Dungeons and Dragons games. This article was the post I read that CHANGED my understanding of TTRPGs and led me down a long dark path of worldbuilding.

I hope to start a neighborhood game here this year. I hope to hit 10,000 listens by the end of the year. I am very much looking forward to creating workable content for game masters and players to use to make memorable stories around the table. I hope great things for you this 2022! Whether you are a game master, player or somewhere in between, please sojourn with me and as always, may your story continue!

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