100 Books your Players will Enjoy

When playing Dungeons and Dragons, or any RPG, players often have limited options on how they can level up their characters. This leveling up system is very regimented. If you are wanting fresh and creative ways to introduce other ways to level up your player characters, then consider this document of 100 Books, Tomes, Scrolls and Papers!

I love learning and believe books and learning should be a part of every adventurer’s life. I often wondered about my 1st level character “how did they learn how to cook, or how did they learn how to speak goblin?” This document available for download brings some rules and mechanics to your story so your players can update their stats and so the characters can continue a story.

If you enjoy audio podcasting, then listen to the Bookish and the Brave episode where I take my players through a year at a library. They get to learn spells outside their class as well as pick up bonus proficiencies, all in the name of learning.

Downloadable Resource below!

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