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We made the decision to homeschool back in 2017, simultaneously the same year we started playing Dungeons and Dragons. Believe it or not, I had never really heard of the game except for a few whispers back in the 80s between the evils of Halloween and video games. Much to my surprise, Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop roleplaying game providing a means to tell stories.

Storytelling is something we have done since the dawn of time. Myths and legends, history and tales, all in oral form around the campfire, in lecture halls and eventually scribed upon parchments. Eventually, we filmed movies on the big screen.

I believe a revolution is occurring; one where we show our dissatisfaction with the current content of entertainment and desire to simply create our own. Read more about which one you think you are here, Consumer or Creator?

When we started incorporating Dungeons and Dragons into our homeschooling curriculum, I watched as my children read more, solved math with ease, and picked up writing their own stories at night before bed. In short, it enriched our education and curriculum, read more on that here! All things any parent wants to see. As a dad of 3, I have my very own adventuring party right there to play with anytime! I hope it stays that way for many stories to come.

Three Steps to Take to include Dungeons and Dragons in your Life

  1. Purchase the Starter Set
  2. Sign up for my personal coaching for players and dungeon masters
  3. Gather together 3-6 of your friends and family and schedule a game night!

Bring back the old ways, when we used to sit around the table and face each other. Rolling dice, keeping notes and having fun with each other. It’s no surprise that tabletop roleplaying games have resurged, and now is the time to bring everyone together and tell a story.

May your story continue

Welcome Sojourner

This is your call to adventure


The Bookish and the Brave – 5 – Welcome to Bald Top Library Sojourners Awake – a storytelling adventure playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome to Season 6 of Sojourners Awake! Von – Level 2 Monk Human Sterling – Level 2 Druid Water Genasi Hawkins – Level 2 Fighter Gnome We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with an emphasis on storytelling using the three pillars of exploration, interaction and combat. I hope you enjoy our narrative style that allows diving into the player's thoughts as well as the background music and ambiance from TableTop Audio. Visit Sojourners Awake for more Dungeon Master Tips on how to tell stories around your table. May your story continue!
  1. The Bookish and the Brave – 5 – Welcome to Bald Top Library
  2. The Rime of the Frostmaiden – 10 – Lonelywood
  3. The Rime of the Frostmaiden – 9 – A Slight Detour to Lonelywood
  4. The Bookish and the Brave – 4 – Battle through the Forest and How they Continued
  5. The Rime of the Frostmaiden – 8 – Minding the Kobolds

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