Escape from Fort KnuckleBone

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Escape from Fort Knucklebone

In this episode, the sojourners meet Zarion, a new fellow to the party. Zarion, like most people in Avernus, have lived their all of their lives in this war torn wasteland. Have you ever taken a chance on someone? Have you ever trusted your instinct and taken a risk on someone? you may have had no way to verify who they were or if they could be trusted? How did it end up?

In this episode, we as storytellers explore the value of trusting your instincts and taking a chance on trust. And in the end, it might have turned out good, bad or yet to be determined, the adventure lies within the journey, the power arrives in the process

Still in Avernus, of the nine hells, the sojourners find themselves for the first time, clean, fed and supplied. Nevertheless, they reside in Fort Knucklebone, ruled by the warlord Mad Maggie. She finances the blood war on both sides, and houses the riffraff scum, turncoats and criminals. With all of this disturbance, at least the sojourners are not trapped outside within the firestorm. Adventure awaits as the sojourners make their departure from the fort and only time will tell how Zarion fares with this new found party. And so our story continues.

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Using analog tools of pencil, paper and dice and our highest technology - the collective imagination, we teach world building and story telling through tabletop role playing games.

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