Onward and Upward


Have you ever felt like giving up? I think despair, hopelessness and fatigue are all things anyone experiences in their life. We had a snowstorm in Texas this month and I listened to so many stories of struggle. When you are not prepared for a disaster, it’s that much more difficult to deal.

Losing light. Losing warmth. Losing travel. Losing communication.

Disaster can be very isolating, and mixing that with cold and darkness compounds any suffering we were already under. I work in hospice care, geriatric nursing and the healthcare system as a nurse. We heard many stories of folks suffering this month.

But now we reach the pinnacle. For I heard stories of compassion, dedication and bravery surface among the suffering. This man cared for his neighbors and brought them food and water, a plumber worked overtime to repair pipes for a mother and daughter and a daughter dressed up as a delivery driver in order to bring a visit to her mother in a nursing home.

People are resilient, they are not disasters. Disasters come and go, but who we show up to be in the midst of them says everything about our legacy. In this weeks episode, we told a story of struggle, despair and disgust. How will the sojourners respond? How will you respond? And so, our story continues.

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  1. My condolences I have family in texas that experienced the same problem. They managed to make it through but it must’ve been rough. We caught a little of the storm here in Louisiana and it nearly knocked the power out. Keep your head up.

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