Meeting Professor Thaddeus Banks

Imps serve at the bottom of the hierarchy in the Infernal Planes from Wizards of the Coast

In our Sunday evening Dungeons and Dragons game, the sojourners finally arrived in Avernus and it was no walk in the park. Although Avernus was once a fantastic vacation get away for mortals and immortals alike, the Blood War has ravaged it into a wasteland.

Nevertheless, because of it’s political connection to the Hells of the universe, Avernus witness quite a bit of foot traffic as people travel for various reasons. Imps, little floating lesser devils serve as the waiters, bellhops and butlers of the archdevils in Avernus and Professor Thaddeus Banks is one of them.

All devils are evil of course, for they consider mortal souls as currency and feel nothing the collateral damage they cause in draining goodness from a soul until it is ripe for the harvest. Once the mortal time clock tolls, the soul is then drawn from the corrupted River Styx, wiping their memories and regenerated into a devil’s body, now ready to serve in the Blood War. This comes with great honor in serving the universe, but of course, breeds a narrow minded concept as how to spend one’s existence. For if you are not doing your part to fight this battle, then you are of course, the evil one. At least, that’s how devils see things.

Fort Knucklebone – a fortification of warlord and rogues in hell from Wizards of the Coast

But what if a devil remembers their former life? What if they catch snippets of their former existence? How would they do so? This character, an imp who serves as tour guide “taxi cab driver” in hell, may act as this character. Professor Thaddeus Banks, at your service. Of course, he holds an infernal title, but for some reason, he remembers that name, and feels he should use it when addressing mortals. Check out our podcast! You will enjoy it for we enjoyed making it.

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