Warlocks and Patrons

In Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, one of the playable classes is a warlock. As I understand, magic is available through many avenues in a fantasy world. Some wizards study their whole lives to memorize formulas, some cleric devout their lives to serving a deity. Warlocks, I imagine, cut a deal with a powerful being, who is not a god. These powerful beings, I think of as “black market” magic, whether it be a cheap knock off of the original brand, or a product laced with unholy ingredients designed to get the user hooked on a sale. Or this could be a source of “homegrown” magic, where the patron wants to provide a free range source to their warlocks, for free, because, you know, they believe in free magic for all.

Either way, power is fun! Handing out power in Dungeons in Dragons to players is fun and I have found warlock classes really help propel the story in a dramatic way.

Personally, I love it when my players dive into the servant of the archfey. George MacDonald, who wrote “The Princess and the Goblin” paved the way for many great authors like Tolkien, Lewis and Carroll. I really enjoy movies like “Legend” and anything with faeries. I’ve tried to isolate what makes a person “fey” or a world “feywild.” My simple answer is that in the feywild, one truly never ages. And in this perpetual state of childhood, the creatures only become more powerful in immortality, but nevertheless retaining the childishness and childlikeness of their former selves. This can be displayed as sweet innocence or a holy terror. Think of a child playing with their toys. If an archfey view mortals as playthings, they may care for them or completely use them up and horridly destroy them.

If you want more lore on the Fey, check out https://worldofmyrr.com/ and their book Monsters of Feyland.

The fey don’t feel the passing of time. And this makes them fey. Anyway, it’s my thoughts and feelings on the matter. But what is exciting is playing that out in this episode! I hope you enjoy the banter, the drama and the way this propels the story to draw my players into Avernus.


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