Redemption of Characters

We’ve been playing this game since March 2020. So much has transpired in our lives since then and playing Dungeons and Dragons continues to be something that I look forward to every week. I’ve always loved telling stories. I feel that it is something missing from our world. Telling stories helps me understand and process my own.

In this powerful scene for our Sunday evening game, Garindan the dwarf fulfills a long campaign of getting his soul back from the devil. He started out young and wide eyed, naive and sure of himself, only to find himself entrapped in a no win situation. Moradin, the dwarven All-Father, simply buys him back from Zariel, at a hefty price, nevertheless, but reiterates that wonderful ancient truth: people are more important.

That’s why I love playing Dungeons and Dragons, with my kids at home between homeschooling assignments, and my friends around the table, or over a zoom chat. And so our story continues. It always does.

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