A friend in need is a friend indeed

Greetings Sojourners

I hope this day finds you well. And finds those with whom you care for the most well and alive and full of light.

Light is a big theme coming up for me these days. Light is knowledge and wisdom, clarity and patience. Light is healing and peace. Light is, well, the antithesis of all that is darkness.

I invite to you continue to share your stories around the table. Playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition for the last 3 years has provided me with an outlook beyond myself. In placing myself in the minds and hearts of countless of NPCs, I have been able to understand your perspective, their perspective and even my own.

My last NPC (or non-player character) was a Stone Giant, large and reclusive, named Peligron. He dwelled in peace and safety, while barbarian tribes paid him tribute with food in exchange for safety. He only wished to work on his projects, slaving away at his tasks that brought him joy.

But he lacked care for the world around him. He only served his basic needs and shunned the suffering in the world outside. The players (Felthran, Felix, Bramble and Garindan) all convinced him to put his trade to use for the hurting around him.

They brought light.

You see, this character, much like many of us, live in the darkness of our own safety, while there are many plunging into the torrents of pain. I admit, I can only hold space for the hurting for a while before I start to break. But my constitution grows even today. I speak metaphorically, because I think that by speaking in riddles, you too, will be able to relate, no matter what your situation. Light has a way of simply showing us the truth about ourselves.

I want to say that I’m grateful to those who went out of their way to recognize the potential and talent in me, the way this group of sojourners spoke to this giant and bade him to make a difference in the world, for the good, even the greater good.

So, play Dungeons and Dragons and let it help guide you into greatness. And so, our story continues.

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