The Reward

You determine the reward

After that chilling walk outside my old office, box of my personal things in hand, I proudly wore the badge of termination. Now what?

2016 was a difficult dragon for my family,, a formidable dragon to slay indeed. But one amazing piece of treasure in the lair was discovering Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, my kids and I have run 4 campaigns, developed hundreds of stories and shared our company around our game table. It’s our rhythm of life. 

The problem is that sometimes in life, we take a beating from the monster, slay it well, but forget to search for the reward. So, in the light of 2020 and its challenges, what is your reward? Look! Whatever it is, it makes the struggle worth it. Hear me out, you determine the value of struggle’s reward. Start today by asking great questions,… and so, our story continues. 

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