Stories of The Brave

“Old prophets mentor young heroes”. This is the story of which we are most familiar. But as generations grow, and time drifts onward throughout history, we witness so many more tales.

Heroes save the day. But sometimes in history, what the world needs is an artist to show a new way of life. Sometimes the prophet is needed to burn for truth and other times, the world needs to make the journey into the desert.

To hear the voice of one calling in the wild, get ready, make room for the one. The reset. The leveler of the proud and humble.

The hero slays dragons, wins wars they didn’t start and die decorated in adulation. But the prophet stares on at the world, receiving the reward posthumously. The artist work stolen and rebranded but still we enjoys their invention. The nomad wanders, writes cryptic messages and reminds us that self discipline and discovery surpass all the worlds riches.

Who do you say I am? I am the light.

As we recall these legends and share the stories of our own, let us make way for many tales of many heroes, prophets, artist and yes, the lonely nomads. May we receive all they have to offer in our history, present and beyond.

Old prophets mentor young heroes.

Old heroes save young prophets.

Old nomads guide young artists.

Old artists inspire young nomads.

Young heroes enliven old prophets.

Young prophets rebuke old heroes.

Young artists heal old nomads.

Young nomads find old artists.

Jonathan Hardin

Read though my new article on Substack about Old Heroes Guiding Young Artists.

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