Sojourner’s Spotlight

I sat back from my bench and closed out the online meeting. My little set up for Zoom meetings had grown. I had 2 cameras, a new microphone, a wall map and wonderful, absolutely wonderful attendees. I call them sojourners, because along with me as the story teller, we are travelling through the communion of our imaginations and crafting stories together.

We play dungeons and dragons. A lot. Between all of us sojourners, we play 5 times a week. I can’t say how happy I have been in preparing this playground of imagination for creative minds to enjoy in a fantasy world.

In my world, you’ll see dragons, of course, along with elves and dwarves and halflings who do not enjoy that particular term. “I’m not half of anything,” Tred Mantlehorn would say, “call me a Hin Folk.”

And if you play in my games, your attention will be guided down a tour of lore and history, quirks and adventure. But, of course, I’ve been able to assemble more stories, because I have more people who want to play.

My players, or Sojourners, take it seriously. They commit to a role and deliver a stellar performance every session. They bring ingenuity and cunning to the table, even if it is over an online meet up.

I have witnessed people come alive when playing Dungeons and Dragons. There are countless avenues of expression while creating stories within the context of a role playing game and the barrier of entry is low. Anyone can enjoy it! So, pick up a set of dice and write down ideas for a character you want to play. Contact me for questions about how to get started on your journey.

Click here to see an interview with a sojourner!

And so, our story continues…

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