Out of the Abyss

Sojourners Awake!

presents the first three sessions with a Dungeons and Dragons group. I drafted together a simple narrative based on the actual play during the game. Sharing stories and collaborative creativity is like making music together and no experience is necessary! We all improve the more we play. Enjoy!

An Underdark Adventure

Elient 21, 1453, autumn

In the mighty city of Neverwinter, also known as Tethyrna, we meet our sojourners. Roanoke, an air genasi woman, spent her downtime living in the graveyard, working there in the day and camping out at night. She met Krag, an orchish man, descended from the line of Tresendor, mighty giants of old, who was the groundskeeper and servant of Kelemvor. Roanoke uncovers a mysterious plot invoking “sacrifice, feeding someone and prisoners” between a hooded female character and a wizard skulking in the graveyard.  Krag lectures her on the ways of the gods (he is very knowledgeable about the business of the religious establishments – he even has a pristine collection of books that he keeps in his home) and how they manage their domains with followers. She acquired a flask of fungal mead, a book on Tymora, goddess of luck, and learned how to dig a fashionable grave. She hears whispers and people moving around the graveyard at night but has not encountered anyone.  A foul odor lurks from the entrance to the forbidden catacombs. 

Another one of our members is Rico Redbeard, a strong dwarf. He and his band of dwarves, Graeco, Machaela and Fezzu, met to discuss the future of dwarven business in Tethyrna. After deciding to spend their profits going into the brewery business, they successfully set up Ricos Red Ale Tavern, possibly upsetting the economy in the city. Rico was also able to establish sale of his brew in the Howling Wolf owned by Grimm Holt the gnomish proprietor. Finally the group were introduced to Bardock, who showed off his painting, musical and jack of all trades proficiency and became a welcome member of their group.

Rico and Roanoke meet periodically to swap news and gather information about potential job opportunities.  Many times the meetings are in a public area where it looks inconspicuous and no-threatening to any of the locals of the area. Rico has taken up a stall at the local market place and barters his beer to anyone who will stop by.  This is his opportunity to hear local news and also become a local presence in the community.  He hears all the gossip and shares when they meet. Roanoke has spent most of her time in and around the graveyard.  Something is amiss and she is drawn to the people who frequent this place of solitude and death.  Many times in their grief they will share information that would not have been brought to her ears.  She is fascinated with Krag and his weird ways but trusts nothing.  She doesn’t trust easily and will hold back information even from Rico if the mood suits her.  She doesn’t eat or drink any items that she has not gathered or prepared herself. Paranoia has set in but she hides it well. The party in a little bit of gossiping and carrying on about the town discovered that many gangs had risen up such as the Yearscats, the red brands, Zhentarim and various Cults rising boldly in this wild Northern Territory. The party encounters Krag at the tavern and Roanoke introduces him to the party.  Krag asks Roanoke to not come into work because of some goings on that he is concerned about with the catacombes. Roanoke asks Krag about these suspicious things and he warns her away from the Catacombs – but asks if she knows of a group who might be willing to investigate (only).  Roanoke says she will ask around. Krag outlines the specifics for  investigating the catacombs (forbidden because of danger to the community.)  He warned to be careful but to find out if anyone was meeting down there. 

Marpenoth 1, 1453, autumn.

Rico establishes his Rico Red Ale Brewery and Tavern, leaving Graeco, his cousin, in charge of the establishment. 

Marpenoth 2, 1453

The sojourners entered catacombs at night, Rico was possessed by a ghost seeking vengeance on an aberrant monstrosity deep in the ground. The ghost led Rico below and the party followed at a distance. The team discovered a collection of undead plant life assembling corpses together, guarded by undead warden supposedly reporting to someone outside through a gem necklace. After bravely destroying the carnivorous plant, the team met Thumbletop. Unable to escape the room, Rico, in his rage, kicked open a secret entrance to the catacombs which lead into a series of tunnels beneath the ground, leading them deep into the Underdark. Krag is very fearful, but remorseful over the loss of his reputation as a safe guards keeper. If encouraged he will take up the mission to safeguard the team. Thumbletop is wary of entering the Kobold Camp as he knows gnomes are the favorite enemy of Kobolds. . He retains the necklace and will do his best to get it returned to the plane of air for his friend Zahida. After the sojourners leave, a drow searches for her missing scrying necklace given to the wight. She explores the catacombs but fails to see the hollowed out stone where the sojourners descended.

and so our story continues.

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