Consumer? Or Creator?

I’ve been reading this book entitled The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. She gives really insightful exercises on increases your creative energy. She surmises that’s every one of us is an artist. Although not a traditional artist with paint or music, you might have another kind of art. Either way, we all have creative potential energy.

Creativity lies dormant within you

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a painter and then again, maybe you have talent for oils and watercolors. Think of these activities as a means for releasing creative forces in the world.

Gardening. Dog grooming. Journaling. Interior design. Event planning. Auto mechanics. Carpentry. Real estate sales. Home care bathing for disabled. Nursing administration. Cleaning your kids room. BBQing. Preaching. Surfing. Playing the guitar. Playing the drum. Defending a criminal case. Starting a campfire. Organizing your desk. Writing a blog. Making dinner. Playing softball. Dungeons and Dragons.

Begin with an idea and nurture it to life

Dungeons and Dragons: A storytelling tool designed to spark imagination in anyone’s mind. When we sit around the table and collectively agree on a shared imagination, we create stories, characters and adventures.

By playing Dungeons and Dragons, we can learn to commit to another’s understanding and perspective. People enjoy each other’s company when they agree upon a shared reality. Many times we learn it too late. Play D&D. Learn to communicate your thought and feelings. Practice shifting perspective and realize the skills of this fun pastime spill over into your life as you level up.

The rising tide raises all ships in the harbor.

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