The Lost Mine of Phandelver – Week 1

Last week on the Lost Mine of Phandelver:

Gundren Rockseeker left his adventuring band in charge of a wagon full of supplies. He then left for Phandalin early to take care of some business with his escort Sildar Hallwinter. The adventuring band, while on the Triboar trail to Phandalin found themselves ambushed in the exact same spot as horses, which we found out belonged to Gundren and Sildar. The team is made up of Elric the dragonborn wizard, unconventional and quite charismatic, Nissa, the elf warlock, buried in her studies, Meric the Halfling monk with a quick eye and quicker feet, Perrin, the grave cleric with always a hand to bless and Kelfborn the backwoods gnome of the forest. While investigating the slaughter of the steeds, a group of savage goblins pounced on the unsuspecting group. After a couple of arrows found their target, the highlight of the skirmish was Elric showing off his dragon breath attack, completely incinerating a goblin warrior to ashes. Nissa, then mortally wounded and unaware of the pool of blood at her feet, retired to her comforting space in her studies. We witnessed a tender moment, as Perrin kindly stepped over and healed Nissa without her having to even glance up from her pages.

With a clever maneuver, Kelfborn set up camp and hid the precious wagon in the forest off the trail. She discovered a collection of goblin and human footprints, suggesting more was…uh, afoot in this mystery. However, she kept this information to herself, but Elric suspecting something was… afoot, uh, also found tracks with keen eyes towards a trail.

All bed down for the night, while Meric kept second watch. The Halfling, cross-legged, balanced up in a tree high above the campsite, kept a perceptive watch out for anything stirring in the forest. While the party slept, Meric witnessed a goblin sentry bumbling down the trail in search of his companions. With a flash and speed, Meric pounced on the goblin like a panther on his prey. In seconds, the goblin, despite a struggle, was knocked out, gagged and bound. The stout Halfling drug the prisoner to the campsite and let him wake up when conscious, only to scamper up the tree and resume meditating.

Upon waking, the party interrogated the goblin, named Feedy, and even threatened to make food out of Feedy, until he confessed the whereabouts of the dwarf in Cragmaw hideout, held prisoner by Klarg. The adventures also learned of King Grol sending out more warriors to transfer the dwarf to Cragmaw Castle. Feedy agreed to lead them to the cave, but only after being charmed, intimidated and downright stripped of any goblin decency. Only then, did the goblin willingly lead the party away from the campsite and deeper into the forest.

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