Insight from without 

When you can’t find within what you need, realize this is a lesson in trust. Reach out. Someone has something you need to hear because God is moving us from isolation into trust. 

Here are some morsels of wisdom i needed to hear over the last week, where I encountered a situation where my fears slowly rose over my head. If you have ever had to breathe in fear, you know the quickest place you want to get to is Relief. 
However, I have learned to move in the direction of my fears. Jesus calls from the other side of them. Even though, I can receive help along the way to winning the game. 

Some much needed solace from friends. 

-I’ve been there many times…and I’ve had to resolve to be broken to receive the blessing. –
-He has been Giving you what you need up until this point. Even though you’ve taken a wrong turn here and there it’s never been to complete and utter destruction and he has taught you lessons through it-

-Thanks for being honest and sharing all of that. Since we’re being honest I’ve been wondering and questioning why…-

-Truth sets you free-

-Beware of posing as a profound person: even God became a baby-

-You have what it takes because God’s Spirit is in you.-

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