Motivational Wednesday 

Check out Zach Anner!

I watched the video (see below) with my 3 kids, 6 5 & 2 years old. 
Some of the comments they made, 

Wow, he talks a lot” (the video is spliced “vine style”. 

Why can’t he stand?” (he has muscular dystrophy)

I can do that on the monkey bars!“(Zach performed pull ups in the video)

Of course, immediately after this I set up my pull up bar and my son goes to work on his pull ups. 

What I notice in watching this video with my kids is that they are not afraid to ask awkward questions, and they really aren’t afraid to upset anyone with their comments. 

We watched a video of Zach Anner climbing steps in a blue shirt. Zach mentioned something about “the white guy” and my son commented, “and he’s the blue guy”, referring to the most distinguishing point about a guy with muscular dystrophy climbing stairs — his t shirt color. 

I’m not sure if this incriminates me as a parent, but hey, I’m just along for the ride. I love hearing my kids unfiltered comments to the world around them, and they provide for me a refreshing sense of wonder. 

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