Friends let friends be themselves

imageI would have to say that today I’m thankful for the friends in my life who give me space to be myself.

I notice that the things I’m the most insecure about in myself particularly my ability to get things done on time, is where I need someone to hold space and give grace.

Being myself, in the case, would mean that when making decisions, I allow myself the slow process of filtering through my values until I know, deep in my core, what is the right thing to do.

The picture I get in my mind is tracing a group of tangled cables all the way back to a power source. At this point, I can reassure myself that if I make a decision (pull the plug) that it is not going to shut power down to a vital motivation in my heart.

Does this sound complicated? It is! But along with mastering this decision making process comes some of the most beautiful art and expression of humanity since it is so in touch with the core values of the person.

How do you make decisions? What process do you go through? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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