The image the Bible itself often suggests for the way its truth is to be claimed is that of witness. This is an extremely valuable image with which to meet the postmodern suspicion of all metanarratives as oppressive. Witness is non-coercive. It has no power but the convincingness of the truth to which it witnesses. Witnesses are not expected, like lawyers, to persuade by the rhetorical power of their speeches, but simply to testify to the truth for which they are qualified to give evidence. To be adequate witnesses to the truth of God and the world, a witness must be a lived witness involving the whole of life and even death. Bible and Mission, Richard Bauckham.

I believe that if followers of Jesus Christ behaved more like wild lions rather than caged beasts behind the closed doors of an institution. I’ve heard it said that Christianity started in Palestine as a fellowship, moved to Greece and became a philosophy, traveled to Rome and became an institution, moved to Europe and became a government, travelled across the Atlantic to America and became an enterprise. When will it (and what will it take) become a fellowship once again?

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