Are the 4 resurrection accounts of Jesus Christ reconcilable with each other?

So, I’m comparing Matt. 28:1-15 Mark 16:1-20 Luke 24:1-12 John 20:1-18

using my Bible (ESV)

Please reference the verse or point before you make a remark and I will only go so far so that you have a chance to share your thoughts and my daughter keeps typing the keyboard so I will only be able to get so far before having to attend to her.

Similarities I noticed: In all 4, the event happened on the first day of the week and by Jewish reckoning, that was sunday at dawn. Matthew and Mark mention 2 women (Mary and Mary), Luke simply says “women” and John only mentions Mary Magdalene, but strong support that it all happened at the same time.

First difficulty: who told who?

It appears that Mary told Peter and John first, but in Matthew and Mark, this is not mentioned. Luke’s gospel says that after they were told by the messengers, the disciples did not believe but Peter ran to the tomb (no mention of John with him). In John’s account, it includes 2 disciples running to the tomb with much more detail given.

I see it that first the women appeared at the tomb and were met by 1 angel sitting on the stone rolled away (the stone is mentioned in all 4 accounts) as this may have been a reason for doubting. After looking into the tomb and finding no body, 2 men appeared to them and the women left to tell the disciples. At that point, Peter and John left to go into the tomb and found no body. The women must have gone back to the tomb and seen the 2 men again, followed by seeing Jesus. In Matthew 28:9, it mentions they “took hold of his feet” yet in John 20:17 Jesus says to Mary, “do not cling to me, for I have not yet gone to my Father.”

I believe that while the women left to go tell the disciples what they heard from the 2 angels, Mary did not care to and remained in the tomb, weeping. This is somewhat indicative of her character found in John 11:20 John 12:3 (difficulty following orders). At that point Jesus appeared to her and then ascended to his Father to receive a glorified body.

Then Jesus must have appeared to the women on the road to tell the disciples and let them touch him. At that point, he visited the 2 on the road mentioned in Mark 16:12 and Luke 24:13. Finally when it was evening, he appeared to the 12 (besides Thomas) behind closed doors and then again later that evening to Thomas and the 10 again.

Not the best at arguing a case, but hope it’s enough to get you thinking and bring up some contest.

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