Pizza and Man Talk

One of the rhythms that I like to practice is eating regularly with people. Since we recently moved to our new town of Charlottesville, we haven’t met that many people who would be willing to share a meal. Truth is, we’ve only asked one couple (and it was successful!) but I thought of another way.

I think it is important for boys to see their dads interact with other men on a way that supports and encourages each other in a challenging context. I like to call it Pizza and Man Talk. So far, I’ve taken my son out twice and by this third time, I hope that a few of the men in our townhome community will respond and enjoy some delicious fare with us. Long term, there may be a disciple of Jesus in the making. I will begin by introducing honor, courage and commitment as topics of conversation for us to share how we have failed and succeeded in these qualities. 

The point I’m reminded of is that one aspect of being a good missionary is to listen and pray to see where the Spirit moves and works in people’s lives and then join him there in Christ’s work. A lot of that is welcome over a meal. This week, try and schedule a meal or coffee with someone who’s story you do not know. While doing so, ask, “what are you doing here, Lord and how can I help?”

Happy eating!

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