missional living part 1

I’ve always thought I would be a missionary, but lately, I have been realizing that my dreams will probably come true here in the states where our culture is turning (or has turned) post modern, post Christian and whatever other term you might like to add. I really want to appear on a podcast, or missional conference as a resource and that’s certainly because I’m constantly wanting to teach. (it’s no wonder I did not pursue that career in college, somehow I ended up being a nurse (hospice nurse, more on that later)) However, I’m sure that I have some pride to work though, but nevertheless, I will keep writing and hopefully make sense of what I’m doing with my life. 


We moved. People ask “what brought you here to Virginia?” My answer varies, but really, my wife and I always thought we would not stay in Texas, but move out of state, partly because she grew up out of Texas and I always thought of myself as a missionary which meant that eventually I would have to pack up and leave. I remember driving to work one day listening to Mark Gungor teaching on marriage and heard the words, “move closer to your wife’s family.” For my wife, her sister was her closest family and I’ve learned that sister’s friendship is one of the strongest bonds on the planet. by the way, since then, I think I have noticed a level of emotional health in my wife that I did not see in Texas. Really though, we had to land a good hour and a half away from her sister, but nevertheless, the plan is :


weekday trips with lunch and afternoon fun

Saturday all day trips with outings planned

holidays together

the blessings of proximity (which means in the case of , “wow, we need someone close by” we-they are here.)

Really though, it’s better being close. So, I scooped up the best job I could and found the nicest place we could afford and moved 1600 miles in 2 days (sheesh). But now that we’ve landed…

There’s more on that later. missional living part 2

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